Tangible and measurable social, economic and environmental benefits

During the lifetime of the REECOVERY project, a broad range of significant outputs and quantified achievements will be delivered in search of the most effective and efficient way to reach the main goal: to recover critical raw materials from mining water.

REECOVERY will address the challenge of transforming metal-influenced acid water, generated in mining and hydrometallurgical activities, into a novel source of secondary raw materials and critical raw materials (CRM).

Main outputs and achievements

Develop full-scale technologies

for REE oxalates recovery

Demonstrate metal sulfide recovery technologies

Demonstrate and validate the quality standards

of the recovered raw materials to cover the whole value chain

Develop suitable business models

to ensure the commercialization of the secondary raw materials and the R&R treatment train

Recovery of these materials is expected to be (per m3):

1.03 kg

metal sulphides

0.07 kg

REE oxalates

0.7 m3

of reclaimed water